A dog crate is used to keep the dog safe while home alone, keep the pet from destroying the space, and provide peace of mind to the dog owner. There are many different types and brands of crates from which to choose and it can get confusing. There are three important aspects to consider, according to the Best Dog Crate Guide website. Price, sizing, and security are key elements to consider before purchasing a dog crate. Another thing to consider is whether or not the dog is already crate trained. It is best to train dogs as puppies, but adult dogs can be crate trained as well. The process may take longer, but it is possible. Step-by-step videos are available on the site.

Regular crates are cheap and made of wire. There is nothing wrong with them, but they are only designed for puppies and small docile breeds. These crates are not durable enough for powerful dogs, large ones, or aggressive and clever dogs. Escape is easy in a flimsy wire crate. Escape proof and indestructible crates vary in pricing and durability. A cheap escape proof crate really does not exist. Affordable ones provide more security than a wire one, but not by much. That means replacing it often, which is not cost-effective at all. There will actually be zero savings by the time the crate is replaced once. Investing one found in the middle price range is the best way to begin. Dogs are not likely to escape and the crate will last a long time. The top choice of the Best Dog Crate Guide site is the high-end Impact Case Large Collapsible Dog Crate. It is expensive, but well worth the price. This crate provides maximum security, is lightweight, and compliant with air travel regulations.

Sizing the crate has to be precise. The dog should have enough room to stand up, turn around, and sleep comfortably. Measure the dog while standing from the head to the floor to determine the right height. Minimum length is dictated by the measurements of the dog from nose to tail. If the crate is too small, the dog will be uncomfortable and may not be safe. A crate that is too big will result in a lapse of toileting habits. A dog will not urinate where it sleeps so if the crate is the perfect size there will not be enough room for the dog to sleep on one side and dirty the other side. Crates do vary greatly so research is required to select the right one. The Best Dog Crate Guide provides a wealth of information about the best puppy crates, dog crate reviews, best dog kennel recommendations, and crate covers and accessories.